Monday, January 27, 2014

Zakka Style -24 Projects Stitched With Ease to Give, Use and Enjoy - Book Review

It's time for a new book review.  As always, I only review books that I like, love, cherish or can't live without!  This book fits into one of those categories.  Zakka Style   compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale is a great book filled with 24 fun and fabulous sewing and stitching projects.

Here's the Table of Contents.  Look at all the great projects.

Most of the  Zakka projects involve the use of linen.  Here's a great Messenger Bag to make.  Every project has a supply list, cutting instructions and assembly instructions.

I love mug rugs and here's a quick cute one to whip up.

Looking for a quick hand stitching project?  Give these magnets a try.

One of my personal favorites is this linen bag.  I have this thing for fabric bags, especially linen, lace, and  vintage fabric types.  This one is darling.  I'm a sewing accessory lover, too.  There are pin cushions and a smart sewing kit, as well.

And who doesn't carry around a water bottle?  EVERYONE does.  Here's a great water bottle holder to make in an afternoon.  So cute.

Zaaka refers to a simple kind of style.  This design movement has been part of Japanese style for some time.  Each of the projects in this book were designed by a different zakka artist from around the world.
  Zakka Style is definitely worth a second look.  I have no doubt you will find more than one  sewing project you love in this book.

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