Friday, January 17, 2014

A New Year - A New You - A New Life

I'm a lover of quotes and words of wisdom that motivate and inspire me.  I believe planting these seeds can be a catalyst to change your life.  And don't we all need a kick in the seat more than once a year!  I've decided to add "Change Your Life Sundays" as a regular feature to this blog.  I chose Sundays because it tends to be a day with a bit more down time for some folks.  It's a day to get ready before you hit the rat race on Monday.  It's my hope that the quote, words of wisdom, and occasional book review will jump start your week and keep you going when you start to wain long about Thursday.  Read it on Sunday then WRITE your goals and lists  for the week ahead.
     I'm a week behind so I'll share two "word kicks" this time, then I'll post these regularly on Sundays.  Jump on the change wagon with me.  Let's change our lives for the better this year.
     I'm not a New Year's resolutioner myself, but lots of people choose "weight loss" as their goal for each New Year.  Believe it or not, I have been a weight lifter/gym rat for 30 - yes, 30 years!  The gym fills up in Jan. and Feb. then attendance drops off and by May those people are AWOL, never to be seen with a dumbell in their hand again.  You don't need a gym membership to get in shape and eat right.  I was a bit lax myself over the holidays by skipping gym time and eating WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR.  Ugh!  Gotta get back on track.  So, we're in this year together.  Here we go.

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And our make up quote:

You will never regret reaching your goal.  You will only retreat giving up and not trying harder.
author unknown

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