Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's Three Things Here

What's up with the weather anyway?  Global warming?  Not here.  It's three things here:  snowy, frigid, icy - OK, 4 things-  arctic-ly (that's a word in my book) cold.  We just survived an ice storm over Christmas and now we are bracing for another winter storm  This one looks like it might deposit enough snow to give the kids a snow day on Monday.  And maybe Tuesday due to below zero temps.  Snow day bookends.  They got the Friday before the Christmas break off too, due to icy roads.  Although is seems just a distant memory now, but we were without power for five days last week.  No power for Christmas.  Yes, it was a bummer but I am thankful for our generator, which has served us well for 10 years.  It doesn't run the whole house but it runs enough to keep us warm, give us some lights, keep our food cold, run the microwave and some electrical plugs.  Hot dang, it doesn't run the stove, though.  That gives me a little reprieve from cooking.  I whipped up some good grub for New Year's Day though which I'll be sharing shortly.
     The weather has been so extreme in the past few years.  What's up with that?  It seems to be getting scary with all the tornadoes and extreme cold.

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Here's a little summer joy to ogle.  May it bring some eye candy to your visual bank account.

And how about a bit of sunshine from heaven to warm your soul.

I have been  all a-flurry(crazy reference to winter) on Pinterest, pinning some good blog advice.  I don't make New Year's resolutions but have decided to make it a goal to build blog/biz  time into my schedule.  I feel that my home and family SHOULD come first but what that equates to is that my life is  all about  cooking, cleaning, running errands, managing too much "stuff" around the house  and I could yammer on about that, which only serves to irritate me.  I'm tired of it.  And truth be told, I don't think I was really put on this earth to be a slave to that %^$&.  So I'm turnin' over a new leaf folks, changing the plan and doin' something that matters to ME, for a change.  The cavemen will survive with less maid power.  I have been readin' up on organizing my life, savvy blogging tips and better biz chutzpah.  Look out 2014.  This is my year!  Come along for the "ride."

What are your big ride plans for the year?

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