Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Back!

Gosh, it has been quite a horrendous 6 months.  We've had four deaths in our family.  Cancer has claimed two and complications from old age has taken two more to the angels.  Tending to households, sharing last days and funerals have appropriated great amounts of time  and  I've spent the last few months playing catch up, clean up and buck up trying to get myself back up on top.  I finally made it here, the view is still sad but looking up and I'm on my way to begin again.  Following the yellow brick road back to my life.

     I heard on one of the morning shows that Mattel is blaming moms for the slumping sales of Hot Wheels cars.  Really?  Pa-leeze!  Are you kiddin' me?  I have three boys.  When they were little I spent countless hours playing with Hot Wheels.  We set up tracks all over the house.  Taped track to the sofa and chairs, ran them down the stairs, rolled them into loop-d-loops,  crashed 'em, you name it, we would play for hours.
     At some point the teacher in me kicked in and we got out the ruler to measure the length of each cars' run.  We would run 25 cars, had a fast pile and slow pile and finally figured out which car was the fastest of all.  Then we hypothesized and analyzed why we thought that car ran the fastest.  We built bridges and buildings out of boxes to add to the track.  We all have very fond memories of our car days.
     I think kids have a lot of other toy choices now so cars have lost some of their appeal.  What's your take on this?

     I want to share one more thing today.  I happened upon a website for Leonie Dawson.   I am notorious for feeling that all of my ducks and chicks have to be in a row before I SHOULD do anything creative.  Laundry had to be washed and folded, the meals had to be gourmet, floors scrubbed etc.  UGH! Old school, I know.  I don't think the younger women feel that way.  That's another reason why my blog has been left untouched.  I felt that I had to have something profound to share before I should write.  I checked out Leonie and she gave me the kick in the seat I needed to Just Do It.  Check her out.  You might find a tidbit of wisdom that will give you the kick you need too.