Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Step, Using Your Binder

OK,  so you have made dividers for your food groups and you have a binder full of torn out recipes.  Or maybe more than one binder.  I won't tell how many I have.  Now you can start using these to your heart's content.  Leaf through the pages, put a few recipes aside each week to try out and give 'em a whirl.  If you like them, write some notes on the recipe if you want, and file in the correct divider section.  Ah, but what to do with recipes that have several food groups mixed up on the page?  I put it in a special section marked "Mixed" or if I don't want to use the rest of the recipes on the page I either cut that one out and glue it to a blank sheet and file appropriately.  Or I simply write my notations on it, knowing there are other recipes on the page that I might want to try and I file it under "Mixed".
     So there you have it.  It's a simple way to tame all those recipe tear outs.  And honestly, it doesn't take that much time once you get on a roll.  Happy filing.

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