Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Intentions For This Blog

Craft sharing was my primary intention for this blog with a little sprinkling of food/family/country living.    I love all things crafty.  I have etsy shops, do craft shows every fall and crafting is always, always, always intermingled in my everyday thoughts.  It's simply a part of my soul.  However, time is short in my life right now.  Cancer is currently part of my family and I spend as much time as possible with this person...on top of caring for my own three children and husband.  I simply do not have time to do any extensive crafting.  What I am working on are stitchery patterns because I can fling the needle around while I'm visiting.  If I can figure out how to, I will start at least sharing some free patterns. In the meantime, writing is sporadic at best.  Life simply gets in the way sometimes.  But life is rarely simple, is it?


  1. My thoughts are with you in this struggle. I hope your needlework offers you some rest.


    1. Nancy,

      Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. It was lovely to check in and find your reply.