Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have no doubt that you have flipped through your new binder full of recipes since you visited last.  Hopefully, you have weeded out a few in the process.
     Now, it's time to make some dividers.  For this, you can simply buy some dividers with those little tabs on the side or you can make your own with some tag board and those nifty  sticky tabs.  These are great because they stick like a post it but they are movable so you can move the tabs on your dividers as you add additional dividing sheets.
     Now, let's decide how to tag your dividers.  I separate the "proteins" into the following:  beef, chicken, pork, fish, tofu, meatless.  When it comes to salads I also separate into several catagories: green, pasta, grain, vegetable, etc.  I do the same with veggies.  There are so many potato dishes I have a separate divider for just potatoes.  You can use tags such as greens, root veggies, corn, etc.  It really depends on what you make a lot for your family.
      So the assignment for this week is to make dividers for your recipe stash and try out a few more recipes, deciding whether to keep them or recycle them.  If you like them just put them into the front of your binder for now.  Don't be afraid to write on your recipes.  I note whether to add more or less of something, any changes in heat or timing, etc.  Making these dividers isn't something that you have to sit down and take 20 minutes to do.  While waiting for the water to boil, taking a phone call, or sitting in the dentist's office, jot down a few dividers.  Before you know it they will be done and it didn't cost you a block of time.  In the meantime, your binder is useable!

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