Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Week Of Fair Highlights

Well, Fair Week is over and we are all rested and on to other things this summer.  But we love the fair!  OK, true confessions time...I love the fair.  I simply love the fair.  Since I was a little girl, I have loved the fair.  Now that I'm a big girl I still love the fair.  It's not the rides or the games or anything like that.  It's the animals, crafts, food atmosphere, people watching, summer nights, lights and colors, night time shows, etc.  Anybody with me on that?  Any other fair lovers out there?

I submitted several crafty and food items this year-18 to be exact-(I know, a bit of over achieving this year.  I was scolding myself as I was up at midnight the night before baking a pie)...   but anyway, I won a ribbon for most of my exhibits, sometimes by default because I was the only person to enter in that category!  Not sure I would enter as many items next year.  It was crazy trying to finish up all three kids' projects, plus mine.

We took our new camper this year so that we would have a home base to come back to if we needed a break.  I took my stitching, thinking I'd get a chance to sit under the canopy and grab a few stitches here and there, but alas, that never happened.
This is our Buff Cochin Hen.  She took a third place ribbon.

Plus a photo of the Figure 8 races.  Stay tuned for a few more fair pics and photos of my winning crafts.

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