Sunday, February 5, 2012

Too Simple Felted Flower Brooch

This quickie little brooch is simply too easy!  I love these because you can choose any combination of felted sweaters and each brooch comes out with its own character and design.  
What you'll need: felted sweaters, glue gun, pin back, scissors.
Lets get started.  First you will need an array of felted sweaters of your choice.  I chose 4 in the purple(ish)family.
Next, from each sweater(I cut from the sleeves) I cut one  strip, 5 to 8 inches long.  The two inner colors were about 1/2 wide, the two outer strips were about 1 1/2 wide.
They do not have to be perfect.  
Next, snip the first two strips about every 1/2 inch, the whole length of the strip.  Be careful not to snip all the way through or you'll end up with two pieces.
The next piece you will cut differently.  Fold one of those wider strips in half.  Now you will snip this from the folded end.  I snipped a little wider than 1/2 inch.  Do the same with the last strip.  They will look like this.
Rev up the glue gun and let's put it all together.
Choose one of the first strips you cut to use as your center. I chose the hot pink.  Simply roll the uncut edge on itself and secure with a few dabs of glue as you go. It will look like this.

Next, add your second strip by rolling  it around your center.  Again, glue as you go.  See, how it starts to take shape.

Next, grab one of your folded/snipped pieces, fold in half like the above photo, so that it fans out.  Roll this strip around your first two.  Now, you have three different layers.

Next, Add your fourth strip by rolling around your budding bloom, again secure with glue as you roll.
Now you need a pinback.  I just eyeballed the size of the back of the flower and cut a felted piece to cover the back. Putting glue over the entire layered back helps to secure it all and give it a bit of stiffness .   Add your pin and you are finished.
What I love about this, beside the fact(s) that it is ridiculously  easy and doesn't have to be cut perfectly, it is so versatile.  You can use any combo of colors, thicknesses of strips, width of snips or combo of folded or non folded strips  and they all come out beautiful.  
Stay tuned for more variations on these lovely brooches.

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