Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Third Boy Scout

     My cavesons aren't the sportsy types.  Sure, they have all played a little t-ball and some flag football but none of them are very competitive.  It just isn't in their nature.  No surprise as neither caveman nor I am competitive either.  I did run track in HS, my only team sport, but I rode horses too.  More of a loner type activity.  Caveman ran track too, oddly enough, and he was a weight lifter, as well.  I have been a lifter for 30 years, that's how we met.
      Any hoo, guess that's how the guys inherited that non competitive spirt.  Not that I  don't think sports  aren't great.  On the contrary, I think every kid should be on a collection of sports teams growing up for all of the great benefits that come with that territory.   But alas, it's not meant to be.  Better yet, our boys are all  Boy Scouts.  They all went through Cub Scouts and the youngest crossed over into Boy Scouts last night.  Caveman and I have both been den leaders along the way so it was very bittersweet that the time has come to leave Cub Scouts behind.  Between the three boys we were with the pack for 10 years.  I was the foodista for most of those years  planning the food for the Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold Banquet, end of the year picnic and such.  Lot's of planning and work.  I think they are going to miss me as much as I'll miss them!
     One of the things that I love about Cub Scouts is the opportunity to be privy to the growth and maturity of the boys as they move up through the years, from Tiger cubs to Weblos 2's.   They are pretty mature (sort of - ah, we're talking about 10 year old boys here) by they time they cross over.  It has been fun to watch.  But all good things must come to an end.  But with that comes a new beginning, as well.  A third Boy Scout in the family.  I'm looking forward to watching them become Eagle Scouts.  It will be 12 year journey between the three of them.  A journey I am both pleased and privileged to take.

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