Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Working Moms vs. At-Home Moms

I try to stay away from this subject but there was a blurb on TV over the weekend about these two camps of moms duking it out over who's got it right.  Working mom's vs. At-home moms.  I worked until I had children and then quit when Caveson #1 was born.  I have been home for 16 years.  I have done some substitute teaching  for the past five years, once  my last son went to first grade.  He is heading to the middle school next year which frees me up to work more.  I must admit, I am looking forward to a bigger paycheck.
     For me, staying home with my children was the only choice in my heart.  I was blessed to be able to do just that.  I didn't miss the first steps, the first tooth, the  first words, none of that.  I was here for it all.  That was right FOR ME.
     However, I have friends who made a choice to go back to work.  They couldn't figure out why I would want to stay home.  They didn't get to experience some of those milestones - or they got a second hand view.  That was fine FOR THEM.  And you know what, it should be fine for the rest of us too.
    Staying home is not for every mom.  Some moms need that outside stimulation to be happy.  Heck, I might have been happier some days if I could have gotten out more.  That's not to say I wasn't happy staying home.  I would choose that option 100% of the time, every time.    Let's face it - it isn't always easy.  But it isn't always easy being a working mom either.
    So Ladies, for goodness sakes, let's respect the fact that all women have different needs and wants.  Why can't we just support one another, whatever our choice is, respect the differences, and lend a hand to our fellow woman.  We gals are in this together.  Once you become a mother, you are part of that "club".  Once you become a mother, you become a mother to ALL children.  It takes a village Ladies.  Let's do it together in harmony, not aggression.

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